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A brain injury can change your life

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In some cases, an individual suffers from a brain injury and then sees significant recovery quickly after that injury. But there are also other cases where the brain injury lingers or will not heal at all. Often, there are limitations to brain injury healing because the brain itself can’t always create the replacement neurons that are necessary.

What this means is that suffering from a brain injury could lead to lifelong changes or even a disability. Let’s look at some potential symptoms.

Personality changes

First of all, family members sometimes report that their loved one suffers from personality changes after a brain injury. Maybe they go through mood swings or seem irrational and angry. This can put a lot of stress on people who knew the injured person before the accident.

Cognitive changes

A brain injury can also lead to long-term cognitive issues, such as trouble with speech and language skills or issues with complex topics or mathematical skills. These cognitive challenges can be very problematic for people in their personal and professional lives, and difficult to overcome.

Physical changes

Depending on the type of brain injury, it could also lead to physical issues. An example of this is when someone suffers a TBI and then has trouble balancing or walking. These physical issues can make it hard to hold down a career or enjoy your life.

Are you suffering from some of these issues after a brain injury? If someone else was responsible, such as a negligent driver or property owner, be sure you know how to seek financial compensation. It can help to cover medical bills, lost wages and much more.