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Handling Insurance Coverage Disputes

If you are having trouble with denied claims, delayed payment or receiving service from your insurance provider or from the insurance company responsible for covering your claim in Oregon, talk to an insurance law attorney at Hawn & Walsh LLC in Bend. For more than 30 years, we have been the law firm people throughout the region turn to for help getting full and fair insurance coverage despite initial denials from the insurance company.

Often, knowledge of the law, imagination and experience are required to obtain insurance benefits that have been wrongfully denied. Members of our firm have concentrated their practice on the recovery of insurance benefits for injured people. The interpretation of insurance policies often requires special expertise in the field of insurance law and the willingness and ability to challenge the status quo.

We Dig Between The Lines Of Your Insurance Policy

We have extensive experience and knowledge of insurance law in Oregon. Many clients come to us after their legitimate claim has been wrongly denied or rejected for coverage. We are often able to find ways to successfully appeal or bring suit on the denied claim and help our clients get the settlement they are counting on. And if you are concerned about paying more for legal fees than your claim is worth, talk to us. Often an insurance company will be ordered to pay your legal fees.

If You Have Been Told You Are Facing A Policy Exclusion, We Can Help

Most people think that they, as individuals, do not have the ability to challenge a large insurance company for a denied or excluded claim. But don’t accept the insurance adjuster’s “no” as the final answer. Insurance adjusters are paid to protect the insurance company’s profits and many of them do their job very well. Many deny a claim or offer an insufficient settlement in hopes that the policyholder will just give up.

We are often able to seek additional money damages to cover your legal fees. It will cost you nothing to give us an opportunity to read your insurance policy to determine whether the insurance company is dealing in bad faith. In some cases, the insurance adjuster may think an exclusion exists, where it does not.

  • Auto insurance personal injury and property damage
  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Life insurance
  • Business insurance

In many insurance coverage cases, attorney fees can be awarded in addition to the benefits due so that the client receives the additional insurance coverage without having amounts recovered reduced by attorney fees. When a claim is submitted to an insurance company and it does not pay within six months or agree to arbitrate the issue, the insured person, upon being awarded benefits, can also be entitled to recover attorney fees. The lesson here is that just because an insurance company says there is no coverage or limited coverage does not make it so.

Insurance companies are regulated by both federal and state law. In order to be properly represented, your attorney must have intimate knowledge of the requirements of insurance law. If you have an insurance claim and the insurance carrier denies responsibility or offers an amount that appears to be unfair, call to discuss the issue with us. There is no fee for a consultation relating to insurance coverage and benefits.

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