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Client Testimonials

We are proud of our reputation and the good name we have earned among our clients and the legal community in our region. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Below is a sampling of some positive comments and testimonials we have received from satisfied clients over the years.

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

  • “After being hit broadside by a careless motorist running a stop sign, I suffered a severe shoulder injury. After surgeries and months of physical therapy, I began my search for an attorney to handle my claim against the other driver’s insurance company. I spent considerable time researching attorneys in Bend. In more than one instance the name Jennifer Coughlin came up. After more research and I found that Jennifer had handled several high profile cases I was convinced that this young lady was who I wanted to represent me. My choice proved to be the correct one! Jennifer took over and handled the entire litigation. She kept me informed and discussed different possible settlement scenarios. In the end, after searching the internet, i found that she obtained a settlement far above the national average amount for this type of injury.

    Kudos to Jennifer, I will always be thankful that I chose her.”

  • “I contacted Hawn and Coughlin firm in Bend. After explaining my medical injury Jennifer quickly recognized medical neglect and without hesitation took my case.
    Knowledgeable, professional and great communicator. Not being deterred by unsubstantial loopholes of the defense. And with her persistency, dedication to the case and believe in Justice, she brought my case to a favorable conclusion and nice settlement.
    Absolutely recommended.”
  • “Wayne Hawn is a wonderful attorney. After an auto accident, trying to heal but having to fight with an unreasonable claims adjuster, I met with Wayne Hawn. From the first meeting I felt that I really had a partner in this journey who was honest, reasonable and realistic. Through his expertise Wayne was caring and confident and very patient, as my understanding of the process was minimal. I would recommend Mr. Hawn and definitely go to him again if ever needed. He is smart, hard working, responsible, understanding and caring.”
  • “I couldn’t have found a better lawyer than Wayne Hawn. I was in dire straits when I went to Wayne Hawn as I had been involved in a car accident and my two years for settling the case were almost up. Mr. Hawn went way beyond my expectations of not only settling my case, but even getting me the best results possible. Mr. Hawn and Roxy were very kind and professional. Thank you again so much for all that you did for me.”
  • “I especially wanted to make a point to express my appreciation and satisfaction for the assistance Wayne Hawn provided concerning an immediate and unexpected legal need. Wayne offered practical steps, a clear plan of action as well as availability for further questions and concerns that presented themselves before the resolution of the legal matter. He definitely was involved with each step along the way. He tailored his approach to the particular situation and offered a few “out of the box” type suggestions which created a fresh approach. His experience lent a sense of soundness backing his advice as well. I can say without a doubt that my legal situation’s favorable resolution was clearly attributed to seeking counsel with Wayne. He went above and beyond.”
  • “Jen was helpful and went above and beyond throughout the entire process. Communication skills were incredible: She let me vent when venting was needed and provided realistic expectations. Where some people find requesting “status updates” irritating, Jen realized I was just trying to understand what was going on and made every effort to keep me aware of the process. I would definitely return and regret not calling Jen sooner! I recommend Jen to anyone considering legal counsel.”
  • “Wayne Hawn was a fantastic attorney. I first met with Wayne in Portland, Oregon. He traveled up here from Bend, Oregon, to meet me and discuss what happened. He was very caring and confident in my case; thus I hired him a few days later and began the process. As this was my first time being involved with a lawyer, my understanding of the process was minimal. Wayne knew how to properly convey and illustrate each step along the way. He was a true teammate throughout the entire year of our case. He laid out what he believed was to occur and 95 percent of the time, it happened. I would recommend Wayne for any and all cases. If you’re searching for a lawyer, give him a call and meet up with him. I am sure at that point you’ll realize how experienced he is.”
  • “It was such a relief having Jen work for me. Having Jen deal with the insurance companies for me was awesome. Jen kept me well informed of what was going on and asked for my opinion on all decisions that needed to be made, as well as helped me obtain the best possible monetary settlement. I will recommend Jen and her firm to everyone and would not hesitate to use them in the future.”
  • “Jennifer did a fantastic job on my car accident claim. The insurance company refused to even pay half of my medical bills, so I called Jennifer. She was able to get them to pay all of my bills and more! Thank you Jennifer — you are amazing!”
  • “My daughter and I had the pleasure of meeting with, seeking advice, guidance, direction and support from Jen Coughlin @ Hawn & Walsh LLC. Her advice and involvement were very helpful in reaching a settlement regarding an auto accident that my daughter was in. We would highly recommend this firm. Was a GREAT experience. You won’t be disappointed.”
  • “I spent a year fighting with my health insurance company over a very large medical claim due to a serious accident. I pursued every avenue I could think of, including the state insurance commission – all to no avail. It was so refreshing when I finally sought representation from Wayne Hawn, because for the first time I felt that I really had an ally. Through his expertise Wayne was able to prevent the insurance company from pulling more of the tricks they had been using, and he ultimately got them to concede my claim. Furthermore, his fees were very, very reasonable – and to cap it all off he is a downright nice guy! The firm of Hawn & Walsh LLC  had been recommended to me by a co-worker, and you can be sure that I will, in turn, be recommending them to everybody I know who may someday need legal representation!”
  • “I was in a car accident involving three cars. Wayne Hawn was referred to me by my doctor. It was the best thing that could have happen because of the complications that were involved. What I like about Wayne Hawn was the sincerity he showed in caring for my case whether he was collecting information or speaking up for me. Wayne would keep me posted and explain clearly what was going on with my case. He did not miss a thing. My case turned out as fair and justice as it could be with his help because of Wayne knowing his job as a lawyer. I am grateful that there are still people who care about others as I saw in Wayne Hawn, as being one of his clients.”
  • “Don’t let her pretty face fool you. This lady knows how to go for the throat. Big corporate insurance companies want to diminish your personal injury complaints. They want to intimidate you and your attorney. Jennifer is not intimidated by big insurance companies; in fact, I think it’s fair to say that she loves the challenge. What I found most remarkable about Jennifer was that she returned phone calls and emails with lightning-fast speed. This is important when a client is enduring a stressful event. I really can’t praise her enough. My NET settlement was nearly double what the insurance company offered me. Another great attribute Jennifer has is that she is an outdoor enthusiast. She understood my grief at not being able to kayak, ski, and hike as I could before the accident. I highly recommend her.”
  • “When I was hurt in an accident, no one seemed to want to take responsibility and provide the medical care that I was very much in need of. That’s where Wayne D. Hawn came in. Upon meeting and talking with him, he jumped right in to help me get the care that I needed. His first priority was to get me healthy and feeling better. At no time did he try to rush my medical treatment for his own personal gain. In fact, he knew there was a possibility that he would take a loss on the case, but he proceeded anyway. It was almost two years before we came to a place of settlement with those involved and Mr. Hawn was an absolute professional through it all. The thing that stuck out to me the most is that he was more interested in my well-being and that I got what I deserved from all that I went through. He definitely is an attorney who works hard for his clients.”
  • “Mr. Hawn is an expert at his job, and has an excellent demeanor. His ‘down to earth’ personality is truly refreshing. Legal fees are never a pleasant subject; however, I never felt that I was being taken advantage of. A true gentleman and outstanding effort to please a client. Very much appreciated — thank you Mr. Hawn!”
  • “Wayne helped us get a better settlement from the insurance company of a person who caused an accident we were damaged in. He explained the process very well. He did everything he promised. He did not promise more then he could deliver. He even got some recovery for our health insurance company. If I need a lawyer again I would hire Wayne again.”
  • “If you are reading these reviews of Jennifer Coughlin, then you are most likely in the same situation I have been in for the last six months. Your life has dramatically changed due to the carelessness or negligence of another person. A good night’s sleep has become a thing of the past. On top of this, you must now consider finding an attorney to see if your situation qualifies as a valid case.

    I can tell you what happened to me and hopefully you won’t run into the same. I contacted several attorneys specializing in personal injury. The assistants would ask for a ‘”nut-shell’ version of what happened to you and what you are seeking in damages. If they decide it is not profitable for their firm, you will not be given the courtesy of a phone call. You are left to figure it out over time, on your own.

    Fortunately you found this site, and I am confident you will find, as I did, Jennifer Coughlin’s approach is refreshingly unique. She contacts you personally and immediately to discuss your situation. Her empathy is apparent with your first phone call. Her knowledge of the law and the system, coupled with her passion to have you get results is nothing short of amazing and most of all comforting. Jennifer truly changed my attitude toward lawyers (at least one of them)!”

  • “I was in a car accident while employed by a Fortune 500 company whose vehicle insurer claimed to have only minimal coverage. Wayne wasn’t afraid of them. Together we faced them down and eventually they realized they couldn’t bully us. They settled. I am a law student, and I only hope to be as client-oriented as Wayne is.”
  • “I was in a car accident and needed back surgery, and sustained more than $55,000 worth of medical bills, but Wayne was able to negotiate the medical bills down to less than $22,000, leaving me with a substantial pain and suffering award. I previously thought I would be stuck with leftover bills, so I am positively elated by the results. Moreover, Mr. Hawn was professional, kept me regularly updated, WAS COMPASSIONATE, and was a pleasure to work with. He worked miracles for me, and I give him the absolute highest recommendations.”
  • “Wow — although Jennifer Coughlin has not actually taken our case at this point, I can tell you, that I can’t think of anyone who would be better equipped to do so. She is the only attorney who was much more interested in the facts of the case than the potential amount of the settlement. Talk about empathy; Jennifer actually feels for her clients. She is actually more interested in right and wrong than she is in the potential payday that taking a case might bring. Most attorneys would not even talk to us based on the smaller amount of the claim (under $50K). She also takes her current clients as her primary concern. I can easily see why she was unable to immediately take us on as clients, and you might be shocked at her reason. No, it wasn’t because the claim amount wasn’t high enough, in fact that had absolutely nothing to do with it. She said that it wouldn’t be fair to her current clients to take on another case at the present time because she felt that she wouldn’t have enough time to devote to her previous commitments, due to her large case load. This was clearly unusual, an attorney with empathy and morals.

    All I can say is this: If you are lucky enough to get her to take your case, you should do it. Her knowledge, coupled with her very unique and refreshing outlook, will surprise you and put other attorneys in her same line of specialty to shame. I can’t stress it enough: She is unique, she is special, and she is a little firecracker. Do not let her size fool you;, great things do come in small packages, especially when it comes to Jennifer Coughlin.”

  • “Jennifer helped me with a lot of issues and was my voice to a large insurance company. She was very on top of things and knew what she was talking about. The effort put forth by her was more than I expected. I would be a client of hers again.”
  • “Jennifer always got right back to me regardless of how late I e-mailed or even if it was a weekend. She made sure to copy us on all matters and kept us in the loop at all times. She always maintained her professionalism and treated all questions/concerns as the most important thing she had to do that moment.”
  • “I have utilized Jen’s services several times over the last year and a half. Each time she was knowledgeable, thorough and always had my best interest in mind. Her professionalism when dealing with all parties involved was exemplary, and I would not hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone.”
  • “After my accident, I made a huge mistake by talking to the insurance company alone. They tried to leave me with next to nothing, and I almost just gave up. It was hard enough to be dealing with the pain and being unable to work; I felt like the last thing I wanted to do was fight with the insurance company. Then a friend told me about Ms. Coughlin. When I first walked into the office, I thought she must be the secretary because she was a young bubbly blonde. At first I thought I should probably find someone else who looks more like Gregory Peck or another older lawyer from the movies, because I did not think she would be very tough. BOY WAS I WRONG!! She was always firm yet delicate with me, but with the insurance company she was fierce!! When the dust settled, I ended up with more than I ever would have dreamed the stingy insurance company would agree to. Thank you for fighting for me when I needed it most.”
  • “Her efforts to research and prepare for each phase of the litigation has been tireless and her professional demeanor unwavering. My case could not be in better hands!”
  • Jennifer represented me in a very unique and difficult personal injury claim. Although we did not realize a large percentage of our claim, I came to realize, with her help, that our result was just and fair given the extraordinary circumstances. Through the entire 18-month process she communicated in a timely manner, and I remain grateful for her wisdom and perseverance to see my case through to a successful conclusion.

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