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Handling Bicycle Accidents And The Resulting Injuries

Residents of Central and Eastern Oregon have always cherished the environment in which they live and work. One sign of the times is the increased use of bicycles for both recreational purposes and as a means of daily transportation in our communities. Our attorneys at Hawn & Walsh LLC are avid bicyclists themselves and understand the importance of these often complex and difficult claims.

Although some drivers are becoming accustomed to sharing the road, many car drivers are not ready to deal with the realities of an increasing number of bikers on our roads.

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If you or a child in your family suffered an injury from a motor vehicle while riding a bike in a community in Central or Eastern Oregon, talk to an attorney on our personal injury litigation team. We are one of the region’s leading law firms handling all types of insurance claims litigation matters for victims of another person’s negligence.

Did you know:

1. If you are injured by a driver of an insured motor vehicle while riding a bicycle, the automobile’s insurance policy will provide medical benefits and loss of wages to you, regardless of who is at fault.

2. There are motor vehicle laws that provide extra protection to bicycle riders.

Bike Accident Claims Are Often Difficult To Resolve

Insurance claims involving bicycle accident injury or wrongful death are often complicated. It is a common strategy of the car driver’s insurance company to blame the biker for failing to obey traffic signs or yield right of way to the car. Investigating the accident and preparing evidence for a successful settlement or trial requires an in-depth understanding of insurance coverage law, traffic laws in the local community and case law in similar cases. Our firm is recognized for our professional resources and capacity to handle complex cases and fight aggressively on behalf of our clients.

Hit-And-Run Bicycle Accidents · Bike Crash Injuries Caused By Uninsured Drivers

If you or a family member was injured while riding a bike but the car driver who hit you did not stay at the scene of the accident, you may wonder where to turn for compensation. We have extensive experience in the area of insurance claims law and a strong record of finding coverage through people’s own insurance policies. Don’t assume you don’t have a case just because you don’t have the driver’s contact information. Give us an opportunity to review your case.

From our offices in Bend, our lawyers represent clients in personal injury and insurance law matters in communities throughout Oregon. Call us today at 541-241-6991 or contact us online to arrange a free initial consultation with an attorney at our firm.