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When is death wrongful?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2023 | Wrongful Death

No one lives forever, but there are ways we can prolong life. A multibillion-dollar industry dedicates itself to extending life and keeping people looking and feeling young and healthy. With all the technology, exercises, treatments and supplements to sustain people’s lives, death remains inevitable. We grow old. We get sick. It is part of the natural human existence, and grief is easier to deal with when you expect it.

Imagine losing someone not because of natural causes but due to another person’s failure to fulfill their duty. Their recklessness and gross negligence caused the untimely death of your loved one. Wrongful death occurs because of another individual’s wrongful action or omission. In Oregon, a surviving family member or relative can try to retrieve justice for their loved one’s premature and wrongful death.

When does wrongful death occur?

People argue that accidents happen all the time. Although we should realize that an accident would not have happened if the other person had exercised reasonable care when fulfilling their duty. When a preventable accident causes death, someone should be answerable. Here are situations where a person’s negligent action or inaction can cause wrongful death:

  • Distracted driving and drunk driving can lead to motor vehicular accidents that involve other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Truck drivers who fail to account for the weight and length of their commercial truck when turning, stopping and swerving
  • Property owners who do not maintain their premises safe and free of hazards can be liable for a person slipping and falling, drowning, or getting electrocuted
  • Employers who do not give their employees proper safety training and prevention measures
  • Health care providers who do not follow medical protocol and fail to give their patients a duty of care and professional prudence

Your loved one may have been jogging or riding a bicycle to maintain an active lifestyle, only to fall victim to a texting driver’s negligence.

Should you pursue a wrongful death claim?

Now that you know the possible ways wrongful death can happen in the most mundane of situations, you may realize it was the reason you lost a loved one. If you do not hold the responsible party accountable, it might happen again to somebody else. By pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, you might find consolation in receiving compensation for the economic and emotional damages that you and your family have suffered.