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Is cycling dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road accidents can be unpredictable, especially regarding potential injuries they might cause. Unfortunately, the severity of damages could increase depending on what vehicle you were using. Drivers enclosed in cars might suffer little to no physical harm in a minor crash. However, a cyclist could sustain severe injuries in a similar incident.

Nothing shields cyclists from impact when they collide with a vehicle. Even if they wear protective gear, they could easily suffer fatal blows based on the collision’s intensity. Around 966 cyclists died in traffic accidents in 2021 alone. However, other factors, such as traffic density and unfavorable road conditions, could also affect crash risks.

Protective gear is a necessity, not a guarantee

Authorities emphasize using protective gear for cyclists, such as helmets. They could add a layer of protection, but only if they meet specific safety standards. It is best to find a proper fit for a quality helmet. Still, helmets and other protective garments do not prevent crashes.

You could reduce crash risks by practicing cycling safety habits, including the following:

  • Choose to ride that is comfortable – not too big or small.
  • Repair bike issues before cycling, especially any broken parts that could affect its braking ability.
  • Use backpacks and proper equipment for storage to avoid distractions caused by carrying belongings.
  • Secure any garments that might catch on to your bike’s chain or wheels.

Aside from adequate preparation, you could prevent crashes by cycling defensively.

Defensive cycling habits could reduce safety risks

Sometimes, it takes experience to learn how to ride a bike on public roads properly. However, understanding the local cycling rules beforehand could help you get the hang of being on the defensive and avoid collisions.

Drivers should also learn to share the road. However, cyclists might pay the price for other drivers’ mistakes. Since cyclists are more prone to severe damage in a crash, it is best to make road safety a top priority.