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10 Reasons To Hire A Local Attorney

A search of the yellow pages or internet reveals dozens of attorneys who claim to specialize in personal injury matters and to practice in Central Oregon. A search of the fine print or a visit to the “office” may reveal that the attorney maintains an office in Central Oregon which is visited on occasion from one of several offices located throughout the state. Many of the attorneys advertising their practice in the Bend area have no office at all, except in Western Oregon.

The law office of Hawn & Walsh LLC has been located exclusively in Central Oregon for over 30 years. This is important to you and your case for a number of reasons, including the following:

1. You can learn about the reputation of the firm and the quality of services provided by asking others who have resided in the community for a number of years. Locals know about us. They are unlikely to know anything about lawyers from other communities who travel to Bend once a week or once a month to meet with or solicit clients.

2. When you have an attorney who is truly local, you can see him or her in the office whenever the need arises. You don’t have to wait for an attorney to travel from Portland or Eugene and you don’t have to travel to Portland or Eugene yourself to meet with your attorney.

3. A local attorney knows and can fairly judge the temperament in the community and the likelihood of a fair and reasonable verdict being returned in your particular matter. Advice that is given is based upon experience in this community as opposed to experience on the other side of the mountains.

4. Chances are good that a local attorney has practiced with the lawyers who are now the judges in the community and has known them for years, both socially and through community activities. When lawyers become judges, they know which of their peers maintain the kind of integrity and fairness which deserves a judge’s respect. A local attorney does not appear before a judge who knows nothing about him. An attorney who practices in Central Oregon is known to the judge, as is his or her reputation.

5. A local attorney values his or her reputation in the community and will go out of his or her way to prove that reputation is deserved. Nothing is more important to a local attorney than to maintain the reputation of being fair and honest with clients and to achieve the best results possible on their behalf.

6. A local attorney, like a local physician or businessman, does business here in Central Oregon, employs your friends and neighbors, spends money and provides his or her services right here in Central Oregon.

7. Local attorneys have received the same training and education as those in other parts of the state. If the attorney is successful and works with a well-established practice, he or she has equal if not greater experience in the handling of litigation than do attorneys in other parts of the state. It is frequently said that an expert is someone from out of town. The quality of legal counsel at our firm demonstrates that clients do not need to go out of town to retain an expert in the field of personal injury litigation.

8. The likelihood of a successful resolution of your matter by way of a fair settlement is greater when the insurance carrier knows your attorney is located in Central Oregon and is prepared to go to trial. An attorney from the Valley, in order to try a case in Deschutes County, must spend several nights in a hotel without the benefit of local staff to assisting him or her when the need arises, as it frequently does, It’s much more convenient for out-of-town attorneys to settle your case than to try it.

9. Out-of-pocket costs, such as travel expenses—including hotels and meals—are typically reimbursed out of your share of a recovery. You don’t incur that expense when you hire a local attorney. Your local attorney can meet with witnesses, including medical professionals, without incurring travel expenses and other unnecessary costs.

10. Hawn & Walsh LLC is a litigation firm concentrated on personal injury matters, including motor vehicle collisions, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, products liability, medical malpractice and more. Our firm first started in Bend, Oregon, in 1980, when founder Bruce J. Brothers moved here from Los Angeles, California. For the past three decades, our office has been located across from Mirror Pond in downtown Bend. Call us today at 541-241-6991 to learn more about our firm and schedule your free consultation.