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Taking Action When Civil Rights Are Violated

Recently, the topic of individual citizens’ civil rights has been brought to the forefront of society. More and more, stories of police brutality, law enforcement misconduct and other civil rights violations dominate the news. When you believe your civil rights have been violated, turn to our aggressive and knowledgeable attorneys. We at the Bend, Oregon, office of Hawn & Walsh LLC take these cases very seriously and employ the federal court system as a means by which to resolve these cases.

Our firm is committed to standing up for our clients’ rights and ensuring that law enforcement agencies, individual officers, and other public officials or additional parties be held responsible for the violations that have been committed. We are fluent in the language of the constitutional laws that govern civil rights violations and can take the time to explain them to you in a way that makes them easy to understand.

Police Misconduct And Jail Misconduct

Law enforcement officials are charged with upholding the rights of all citizens, whether they are under investigation, under arrest or in jail. When police misconduct is committed, civil rights are violated. Section 1983, part of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, makes it illegal for an officer of the law to deprive a citizen of his or her rights through negligence, false arrest, malicious prosecution or other violation of police procedure.

Unlawful Use Of Force

Excessive force or the unlawful use of force can also be handled under a 1983 action, as police misconduct cases often are. Officers are legally prevented from using excessive force when pursuing, restraining or otherwise controlling the accused. Even if the intentions were sound, unlawful use of force, as we have publicly seen many times over, can lead to serious injuries and even death.

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